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Turnkey project execution

Next Water Solutions is engaged in providing turnkey project services, turnkey solutions, turnkey installation services, turnkey design services across the nation. Assisted by our team of professionals we work with our clients to determine the most effective design as per client’s requirement.

Our turnkey solutions, turnkey project service are accomplished in a well-defined and planned manner.

The major stages that we adhere to in our turnkey projects are:

  • Design & detail engineering
  • Drawing & drafting services
  • Sourcing of technology & equipment
  • Techno-commercial appraisal of process & system
  • Feasibility studies & system development
  • Plant engineering & utilities services
  • Turnkey project consultancy for process industries
  • Planning, scheduling & project management
  • Equipment selection, sourcing & procurement
  • Site engineering services
  • Commissioning & plant start-up

Operation and Maintenance

NEXT’s team at Operation and Maintenance Business Unit endeavor to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, quality and responsive solutions for the Operation and Maintenance requirements for environment and energy sector. We are committed to provide cost effective solutions to excel customer expectation and satisfaction. The fact that we repeatedly get business of Operation and Maintenance is testimonial enough that the mark of the quality of the solutions provided by our project specific teams is very high.

Our O&M contract covers

  • Administration of the site.
  • Conduct of operations.
  • Equipment status control.
  • Conduct maintenances.
  • Trainings.
  • Follow procedures and documentations.
  • Consumables.

It also covers other day to day servicing and corrective repairs during and out of normal working hours plus all the associated parts and consumables to accomplish.

Retrofit and Revamp

For existing water/waste water treatment and also power systems that are not operating at optimum efficiency, NEXT offers retrofit and revamping services that enhance performance and reduce costs.

Through the course of a system's life, efficiency begins to diminish, components need replacement and technology improvements become available. NEXT’s retrofit and revamping services focus on restoring your equipment's operating efficiency and extending its useful operating life without the capital expense of purchasing new equipment.

NEXT WATER SOLUTIONS conducts a comprehensive review of your plant's equipment and controls as well as current operating procedures and data, and provides you with a detailed report with recommendations for improving your system. Partner with NEXT for your retrofit/revamp project to:

  • Minimize downtime
  • Improve safety
  • Achieve consistent water quantity and quality
  • Reduce maintenance, parts and direct labor
  • Reduce utility and chemical consumption costs

Annual Service Maintenance

NEXT offers you peace of mind with maintenance and operating programs designed to keep your system operating efficiently, while also managing your budget and manpower. The Annual Service Contract contract provides for routine safety checkups, regular monitoring and efficiency trials, guidance for overhauling of equipment and training of operators on operation & maintenance of utilities.

Maintenance and Operating Services help customers get the most value from their equipment investment. Our localized service allows us to schedule service and repairs when and where you need them.

Customers who rely on NEXT to maintain and operate their water treatment and power systems realize these benefits:

  • Extended equipment life
  • Efficient operation
  • Expert evaluation and troubleshooting before a problem occurs
  • Minimized downtime
  • Improved direct manpower usage

Research and Development

NEXT’s Research and Development Center serves a dual purpose:

To support our mission to design an ideal, customized solution for each client and their particular site’s specific needs. To identify new markets that suit our capabilities.

We accomplish this in a number of ways:

Evaluation Programs

NEXT provides all levels of water,wastewater and energy assessment for its clients, including:

  • Review of available data for both water and energy
  • Information on wastewater flows, composition, and concentrations
  • Effluent criteria, future expansion plans, and anticipated changes in flows or regulatory limits
  • Assess opportunities for by-product utilization (water reclamation and offset energy)

Waste Minimization Audits

  • Learn how, where, and why water is used
  • Identify and rate existing equipment
  • Interview personnel to learn operational challenges

Process Modeling

  • Provide a preliminary design and budgetary costing for a complete solution, including necessary pre- and post-treatment steps
  • Identify data gaps and develop a sampling program to help fill them

Sampling and Analyticals

  • Both in-house as well as third-party labs for results verification

Bench-scale Treatability Studies

  • Assess the wastewater’s treatability and provide accurate projections for gas production and nutrient requirements