Core Values

NEXT has established a culture with a set of core values that help define how the company does business and pursues its mission. The NEXT team applies these values every day and they serve as the foundation for interactions with customers, suppliers and business partners. NEXT embraces these core values as essential in achieving the long term goal of becoming one of the leading vertically integrated companies in the energy, environment and industrial sectors.


At the core of NEXT's values is integrity. The company firmly maintains the highest standards of integrity in all of its business relationships and works with international business partners who share this view.


NEXT adheres to international quality standards and institutes stringent quality control processes in its operations. The company strives to consistently deliver high quality services to clients.


NEXT embodies a strong sense of professionalism and accountability. The company seeks to build strong relationships with partners who share a commitment to growing environment and renewable energy industry.


The success of NEXT is driven by employees who are enthusiastic about our business model and our mission. The team seeks to translate such energy into stronger relationships with customers, suppliers and partners. Passion and enthusiasm will continue to fuel the development of NEXT Water Solutions.


Since its formation, NEXT has invested in research and development initiatives and continues to emphasize its technological development. NEXT seeks to collaborate with long-term partners who can help to develop and invest in evolving technologies and bring these innovations to the market.


Teamwork is a key component of NEXT's success. The company has built a team of highly qualified individuals who share this philosophy of teamwork. This notion of teamwork extends from the management team down to each NEXT employee and also extends to our customers, suppliers, partners and investors who seek to strengthen the environment and energy industry as a whole.