Environmental Policy

NEXT endeavours to work towards global sustainable development and to achieve active environmental adaptation of operations as far as possible. We recognise the need to continually improve our operations in order to reduce the effects on the environment and are committed to achieving continual improvement in all of our activities whilst operating to social and ethical principles.

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In order to achieve these overall objectives the following policy has been adopted:

  • To undertake a goal oriented environmental adaption of operations and developing group specific sustainable and environmental goals
  • To identify and use materials and processes that control, prevent or reduce the risk of pollution.
  • Continuously provide information about developments regarding environmental issues.
  • To promote natural resource conservation by the efficient use of energy and the minimum use of raw materials.
  • To minimize discharges, emissions and waste and their environmental effects, including maximization of recycling.
  • To set annual environmental objectives and targets against which to measure improvements in environmental performance.
  • To ensure compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations.
  • To encourage our suppliers and subcontractors to adopt an environmental management system.
  • To ensure that all employees are made aware of environmental issues through a programmed of training relevant to their roles and that adequate resources are accordingly provided.